registry.consul.kvpath configures the KV path for manual routes.

The Consul KV path is watched for changes which get appended to the routing table. This allows for manual overrides and weighted round-robin routes.

As of version 1.5.7 fabio will treat the kv path as a prefix and combine the values of the key itself and all its subkeys in alphabetical order.

To see all updates you may want to set -log.routes.format to all.

You can modify the content of the routes with the consul tool or via the Consul API:

consul kv put fabio/config "route add svc /maint\nroute add svc /\n"

# fabio >= 1.5.7 supports prefix match
consul kv put fabio/config/maint    "route add svc /maint"
consul kv put fabio/config/catchall "route add svc /"

consul kv delete fabio/config/maint

The default is

registry.consul.kvpath = /fabio/config